Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dev-Talks in Cluj Napoca : plug hardware and play Java

Until the last moment I didn't know whether I'll have a time to give a talk at Dev<Talks> in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). All moved into the right direction and I was sitting in the plane ready to give a talk. 
Again I've been traveling with the bag quite loaded by robotics components and after a couple of questions, I've passed the checkups.  

pic.1: sumo robot
pic.3.: sumo robot
pic.2: robotic arm

pic.4: university team RC controlled robots

Conference impression was awesome, It was definitely not a classical JVM focused conference, there ware many stands focused on IoT, Robotics, front-end, big data processing etc. Automotive industry presence was kind of everywhere :). Shorty, the classical IT industry driven by big software companies is, in my opinion "slowly" changing... and new players are moving to the lead. 
   One of the best booth was the university team for Sumo Robots. Those guy have designed and made those fighting robots by they own. I was impressed how far they went with so limited budget. 
  The second very impressive booth belonged to the another university team. Their RC remote controlled robots were very impressive too. 
  My presentation has not been quite a far from everywhere present IoT topic. I wanted to show to the audience how they can simply connect the hardware and use it, without any problem, inside the Java eco-system. 

Presentation: Plug Hardware and Play Java

The most challenging part for me was to connect all hardware together. I think I've enough experience how to not make it work, I've burned out already couple of parts ;) As you can see on the picture on the bottom, I've succeed, all worked and I could deliver Robo4J experience to the audience. 
It was also great to touch how we started use the framework for Truck models. This is going to be most probably another presentation in future. Robo4J in automotive industry can be very very interesting and exciting ;)
pic.5: all wired on the stage and prepared
Here is my final thought and summary about the event. 
Based on the fact that many people were excited how simple is it to connect the hardware and fully control it by Java, we have still not delivered simple manual or tutorial that people can read a try it by their own. My impression from all discussion I had was there are people out there they are hungry to connect java and hardware so : 

Robo4J Team is working on fix the issue. In next days everyone who has an interest can start with robo4j by his own, even without the hardware. All demos from the presentation are already available on our github account (well there is much more) and the text is on the way.

Thank you organizers for an great event! 
Good-Bye Cluj

pic.6: Java stage speakers (Cheers)

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