Monday, June 13, 2016

Robo4j log stardate 2242.007: alfa-0.2 is out

  This short blog post doesn't intent to be documentation to the new alfa-0.2 release. This blog post is more like log what kind of new features are inside. 
  In the alfa-0.2 release I've included initial version of robot communication over the HTTP layer. The module is called "robo4j-brick-client". This module can be compiled as a standalone application by using gradle command. I've put there possibility to build up fatJar file. 
This *.jar file is then uploaded to the LegoEV3 brick and run as the program. 
  The "robo4j-brick-client" does included tiny server. The tiny server employs the socket communication. The server task is to handle incoming massive streams of requests. Communication is simple JSON like! (not final version
  The web server responsibility is to analyse, consume and transform incoming tasks/event into the internal signals. Those signals are queued and latter processed by the underlaying hardware. In early-bird releases it will be mostly LegoEV3 Robot. 
  Current release slowly introduces AGENT based structure which will responsible for monitoring, analysis and latter system rearrangement at the runtime. Underlaying agent technology will be also responsible for Robot decisions. future is bright  ... a lot of amazing things are coming and they will be there soon. 

PS: I'm not planing publish full the highly responsive version.

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