Friday, June 24, 2016

Robo4j log stardate 08242.042:: 1st JavaFx Joystick demo taste

   Around one week ago has been successfully released robo4j version alfa-0.2. On the web are touched main features which are inside. Since that moment Robo4j went through continual strong development. 
  New agents, BUSes has been implemented to push Robo4j realtime performance forward. 
The Robo4j is moving to achieve the goal. The goal to be intelligent autonomous multi-agents system which is capable to re-configure him self to achieve the goal. 
  Now is coming small taste of Robo4j demo (JavaFX Joystick). It means Robo4j framework has been used to in other independent app development. 
  Enjoy and new blog posts are coming soon. 

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