Thursday, September 18, 2014

thoughts: GeeCON 2014 - Prague Edition with Registration Open and 1st Draft of the Schedule

Hi Everyone, 
   it was always my dream to have GeeCON in Czech country although I'm not living there for few years and nor in Poland (never lived there). 
   Being driven by American start-up dream from San-Francisco we have made in 2009 under really hard conditions 1st GeeCON edition . Even more awesome was community behind we've created (so many amazing people sharing the same interest about JavaWorld ).

   It was excited although we've failed in some details, but it is life. We were working really hard to make it real and the result of our big effort was captured by this video. 
  I'm sure, I'm not far away when I write that this video almost perfectly matches whole atmosphere there (be present at this time was much better).

   So back to the REALITY
   I'm proud to announce that we've started, supported by YSoft company, the GeeCON Prague edition
It's really here and real!

here is 1st Schedule Draft  & the Registration Form to make possible being with US in Prague 
Enjoy and See you there

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