Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spring 4 Scala MVC without Web.XML - Tiles3 with more services @Autowired

  Let's make one more update before I'll do the push of Spring 4 Scala Tiles 3 example project to my GiTHub. We know that Scala is kind of hype nowadays (which is great for any application evolution), true is that the functional approach is reachable with other languages (java, python, ruby .... javascript ;), only Scala has been developed in functional manner since its basics. Such fact could great to hear for JavaScript developers because it could be easier to enter back-end development world ;). Since my experiences with Scala it does make sense to push the mind into functional design pattern thinking -> makes whole life much easier.   

  The most of times is not impossible to start any enterprise project from scratch. The acceptable way is smart refactoring with possible new technologies or techniques usage and improving the code quality which should go hand in hand. 

  Spring stack (framework, integration, spring-data and more projects supporting dependency injection DI<IoC>) is well know in the enterprise world and it's also excited turning project parts into the Scala world. 

  Let's show how to use @Autowired annotation to give spring scala controller more responsibility. 
1. define example Service
//a. define interface ~ trait 
trait ExampleImportService {
  def name: String
//b. define class ~ service functionality 
class ExampleImportServiceImpl extends ExampleImportService{
  override def name: String = "Imported service over XML"
2. Autowire services with the Controller 
class HelloExampleController @Autowired() (exampleService: ExampleService, exampleImportService: ExampleImportService){

  private val logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass)

  @RequestMapping(method =  Array(RequestMethod.GET))
  def printMain( model: ModelAndView): ModelAndView = {
    model.addObject("message", "Here is Scala with ServiceName = " + exampleService.serviceName)
    model.addObject("importMessage", "Here is Scala with ServiceImportName = " +

  @RequestMapping(method =  Array(RequestMethod.GET), value = Array[String]{"/test/web"})
  def printTest(model: ModelMap): String = {"PrintTest Start")
  The controller "HellolExampleController" defines different return types (callbacks -> ModelAndView holder and String) based on specific request handling. Both return types are resolved then by our simple DispatcherServlet configuration.
 val servlet: Dynamic = servletContext.addServlet("dispatcher", new DispatcherServlet(ctx))
  The example project uses Java Servlet 3.0 (intro) with interface ServletRegistration.Dynamic and runs on Tomcat 7.x using SBT building tool (next blog post how to enable tomcat(port = 9090))
Let's start and stop:
1. sbt -> container:start
2. sbt -> container:stop
and Enjoy spring 4 scala!  

project: miko-spring-scala on github

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