Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lego Mindstorm EV3 -> LeJOS installation

Img.1.: let's begin and rock (part of my toys)
I do believe that the default lego software for EV3 is pretty awesome ;) but my interest belongs to java virtual machine which implies installation of LeJOS. 

1. download leJOS_EV3_0.8.1-beta.tar.gz (last available)
2. download Java for Lego Mindstorm EV3 = ejdk-8-fcs-b132-linux-arm-sflt-03_mar_2014.tar.gz
3. 6 x AA Batteries 1.5V - rechargeable -> almost green energy

Let's prepare LeJOS SD card for the mission:
1. from the manual:  card must be bigger than 2GB and FAT32 
2. unpack leJOS file -> go to the folder -> copy the file to the SD Card
3. unpack
4. copy downloaded Java SE file to the CD-Card (SD Card root)
5. put SD-CARD to the Lego Brick and finally startup

To work with LeJOS comfortably is required to have WiFi connection via dongle (Img.2.). 
Then is possible to deploy directly for the IDE (IntelliJ IDEA 13.x in my case) to Lego Brick. 

Img.2.:: supported NetGear N150 USB Wireless Adapter
Prepare Wifi Connection:
1. Boot Brick and select Control -> Wifi -> select network with WPA2 
Img.3.:set the wifi password
2. Create a sample maven program (how to will be the topic of the next blog post)
Img.4.: favorite IDE IntelliJ IDEA 13.x with Maven Lego Project inside and upload command
for those who want to use maven directly for the deployment they need to configure maven-antrun-plugin

So now we have Lego Mindstorm EV3 ready for read development and sensors usage... 

  1. HelloWolrdGradle Remote Hardware usage example project
  2. more is coming soon...

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