Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Whole life is one big studY
pic.1.: student for ever ~ we are all students
I was not active in blogging for last few years (pic.1.), I've been almost completely overloaded by work and focused on project to kick them out or make them just work. Some of them were mine and the rest for companies (pic.2.). 

connect dots together and move things forward
pic.2.: retrospective at GeeCON : connecting dot's together and moving forward
Overall big part of my heart belongs to cutting-edge technologies ... just like small child (never stop discovering bright future) (pic.2.). I've spent big portion of my time by studying Machine Learning possibilities because behind all this will be always clear math. (algebra, probability, statistics ... just fun and getting better in various predictions)(pic.3.)

pic.3.: One day the result of our investigations -> it just works (maybe)
This area is in one hand pretty awesome because it connects many branches together, not  just only math. world but also langues or any other technologies, concepts or methodologies (servers, databases , big data, map reduce etc.)

RaspberryPI traveler package
pic.4.: one of RaspberryPI traveler packages

This blog I would like to focuse on small powerful systems (RaspberryPi, CuBox ...), spring projects, redhat projects (Netty, Vert.x, WildFly, Infinispan etc.) , JetBrains (IntelliJ IDEA, etc.), ZeroTurnaround technologies (JRebel, etc.), GraphDatabases ( Neo4j, etc.), Languages (Java, Scala, Groovy, Ruby, Python etc.)  and many other opensource technologies like JavaFx or NetBeans....(MineCraft) ps: List is too Long (StackOverflow ;)  

Another intent of this blog is to create utilized collection of links I may need currently or in near future with demo apps.

And at the and of course to share some cool news from the Java Virtual Machine World
 (GeeCON: Let's move the Java World!)

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