Monday, July 4, 2011

TalentHacker guys on Start Up Weekend in Munich

Munich and Me

After previous months of app. development almost in row and other stressful duties,  the Start Up Weekend (SUW)in Munich was as the gift from the heaven :). Well,  I know for someone it could be little confused kind of gift because it is needed to present your idea and just working strictly on marketing of your team, but for us (TalentHacker guys), it was the gift. 
Guys from Start Up Weekend Mafia team :)

SUW working hall, coaches, organizers :) and @talenthacker team 

We spent our time very effectively and we have met lot of nice and smart people! I enjoyed such friendly and open atmosphere. The SUW matched our expectation ! without any doubts around. 
Start Up Weekend needs lot of energy and is challenging  
it also needs great organizers 
It was also for me the best way to smartly refresh my German lang. as commonly I try to do every year :) but I did hesitate to use that the first day. I did understand to all presentations in German :) so I was able to reply back in english. I think when you are not using language you only missed kind of words connection and you forget right words to express what you want to say. I was happy to hear others to speak, it helped me a lot.

Back to the SUW. It helped us a lot! The goal we wanted to achieve there was just explain simply our project because we were able the explain the point in cca. 30 min. which was not so good, it was actually crazy. 

The first presentation took only 60sec :) and we were chosen. Then we were working whole weekend on the next presentation. The last, final presentation had 3 min. 
I think we macht this time but we just found out what we did in wrong way and where we should improve. That fact was very important, you realized where are your limits and it allows you to improve. It's like someone show you the right way! Thanks to feedback from others.

OuR chosen Team
What I wanted also to point out here was the participation of really experienced coaches from US/GE startups and investors. We've received very valuable feedback. When we explained TalentHacker idea more to them and we showed our prototype, they were impressed :) Most of them tell us  that our idea and what we have done is really huge. Simply, they were surprised :) and interested in when we are going to Launch it. 

Currently we are working on our graphics and etc. Our current goal is to Launch for private alfa testing this month. It's challenging again :) 

PS: This Event was really cool, amazing and it really rocked ! 
and small rec. for cz guys : don't worry about to drive few kilometers to Germany, Austria it's really different much better experience. We started to thinking to organize SUW in Prg. because based on our experience Cz really missing it ... 

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