Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brief Message from GeeCON 2011

Most of time I was overloaded, but It was pleasure to see all what we have done, together with GeeCON Team. I wanted to discuss with all our great speaker because It was always very productive talk and fruitful to me, I hope not only to me.

Some times was was stopped by some one or in my spare time I was talking to GeeCON attendees. I wanted to know their opinions from the first hand and also stay in touch with them.    
GeeCON and Confitura 2011
My idea is that any opinion manners and being in touch helps you to void pink glasses standpoint where everything is perfect . The development is caused by evolution. The GeeCON 2011 was great again! 

I hope in short time we will be able to publish statistics and do GeeCON official statement . Such statement helps in better understanding of issues we received this year. Someone wants to attack GeeCON in not always fair way.