Tuesday, September 18, 2018

OpenJDK, Mission Control: being involved.. coding, coding, coding and more c...

   Almost whole my professional carrier I'm on JVM platforms. It took years of coding and discovering to become familiar and even then there are still many things to be discovered. Simply Java is excited. 
  At some point of time it was not enough to me to be an user of APIs, I wanted to become to be a contributor. I wanted to help with moving the ecosystem forward. 
  The beginning of the journey started by filling out the Java Community Process (JCP) Membership form and then discovering the right project. The JCP form can be found on official web-site
  I've been reading the mailing lists and going through the source code for the while. Aside of it we've started with Marcus Hirt the robo4j project. Due our work on the robo4j project  I felt in love with Java Mission Control . Marcus is really a brilliant project lead. He showed me the beauty of this project and introduced me into its core design structure. He helped me to understand how all parts fit together. Even with his help I had to go through by myself in order to get fully understanding. So I kept pushing on my knowledge.  
  All became to be even more excited after the Oracle Announcement that Java Mission Control is planed be a part of OpenJDK (OpenSourced). At this moment I was allowed to contribute. The story has stared by the documentation, project source code reading, trying to fix opened bugs and discussing.
  This year on September I was promoted to the author role on Java Mission Control project.  
   After my promotion I've received couple questions how to achieve such goal. The short answer is by coding. On the OpenJDK page there is a nice post OpenJDK by Laws, where all is written in more details with roles differences explantation.

   I'm proud to be a part of OpenJDK and I need to give BIG thanks to everyone, especially to my family. Although we have very busy year, my family has found the understanding with hours, I spent by coding.  


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