Friday, July 18, 2014

CuBox-i4 Pro - debian wheezy and jessie installation

CuBox-i4 Pro is really great,  incredibly small and powerful device. I'm using it, together with well known RaspberryPi devices, for another technologies testing and implementations. Those devices allow you to build up an computer farm (low cost) which you can fully administrate. 

Gunnar Wolf - Debian developer
1.Debian Wheezy image and installation  (root / cubox-i)
2.Debian Jessie image and installation, direct link (root/root)

general: After successful images creation, you need to resize the partition on your ssd card (not enough space on both of them). I've used gparted editor

  • after login in as the root it's necessary to setup interface eth0 to continue installation process

$ nano /etc/network/interfaces # Add corresponding config from below

# For DHCP config:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
  • then you can install anything you want using $ apt-get install .... 
  • I was not successful in installing wifi card. Specifically it was Realtek RTL8188CUS interface. Everything other works pretty well.   
I wish you good luck !

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